A Crescendo of Ecstasy


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Photo by Zivinai Matangi

Working in VR was an eye opener and a very exciting opportunity in my career. Firstly I had to learn to work in a new way that had no reference but came directly out of my imagination it was a real work out. What was interesting was how I was able to discover a personal style that allowed me to express myself. The results were quite surprising and hugely satisfying. Through what could have been a very generic medium I was able to discover a personal voice.“

- Mbongeni Fakudze


'Goddess of Dance' by Mbongeni Fakudze
'Breath' by Deborah Bell
'Telephone' by William Kentridge
'Quasar' by Fred Clark
'Particle Swarm' by Janus Fouche
'Aleph Anatomy' by Stephen Hobbs
'Perturbed Cloud' by Robyn Penn


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Photo by Stella Olivier

"Like revealing a magic trick, he places the tablet in mid-air, a 3D sculpture appears. I look behind the tablet to satisfy my realisation that this is just another separate reality."

Siya Masuku - ArtThrob


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